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Mentions of Lady Fatimah(s.a) in books of ahlus sunnah

Lady Fatimah(s.a) in books of ahlus sunnah مظلومية فاطمة الزهراء(سلام الله عليها)في كتب علماء أهل السنة قال إبراهيم ابن سيار النظام المتوفى سنة 231 : إن عمر ضرب بطن فاطمة يوم البيعة حتى ألقت الجنين من بطنها ،…
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Peace And Islam

Peace From the Islamic perspective In this paper Imam Muhammad Shirazi calls upon all Muslims, and upon all mankind for that matter, to adhere to peaceful and non-violent means in all aspects of one's life. In…
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Benefiting from Ashura

Benefiting from Ashura According to the View of Imam Shirazi[1] by Karim al-Mahrus[2] The month of Muharram is one of the months during which the people of pre-Islamic or pagan times prohibited fighting.…

Islam and War

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War From an Islamic perspective In addressing the issue of universal peace, Imam Muhammad…


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Non-Violence in Islamic Teachings In this paper Imam Muhammad Shirazi addresses the issue…

Woman in Islam

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On the Status of Woman in Islam by Imam Muhammad Shirazi This article from is taken from…

“Shariah and Good Governance”

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“Shariah and Good Governance” By Imam Sayed Moustafa Al-QazwiniThe Implementation of…

Husayni Sha’a’er

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Husseinian Ceremonies: An Interview with a Christian Scholar Interviewer: Jasim Safar The…


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم لن تنالوا البِرّ حتّى تُنفِقوا مِمّا تُحبّون By no means shall you…

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