Hussaineyat Ale Yassin is an Shia islamic center, which delivers to the English and Arabic speaking community. The Shia Islamic center located in Sydney, Australia, was launched by the directions and guidance of the High Islamic Authority Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi.  

Our aim, is to revive and spread the peaceful message and knowledge of the Ahlulbayt(a.s), as well as the rituals of Imam Hussein(a.s). We run lessons to teach the Arabic language, the Quran and Shia Islamic beliefs in both the English and Arabic languages to both Males and Females of all ages. We also aim to continue supporting all members of our community with various programs and activities. We invite everyone from all ages, languages and nationalities to participate in our programs. 

Manager and Director
Sheikh Ali, Abu Reihane

Ale Yassin